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Fundraising Best Practices & Guidelines per the Gretna Public School District Policy 5306

Student Fund Raising Activities
Fundraising is the selling of a product, providing a service or activity, or requesting donations of any kind. School fundraising directly funds school programs and student organizations.

A. General Guidelines
The School Board of Gretna Public Schools recognizes a desire and a need for ongoing fundraising support. The school board also recognizes a need for restraint to prevent fundraising activities from becoming too numerous and overly demanding on employees, students, and the general public.

All fundraising for student organizations and school supporting organizations must have prior administrative approval. School District employees who supervise official school programs or extracurricular activities are directed not to organize, conduct, or involve students in fundraising activities unless the fundraising activity has been approved by the building administration.

B. Student Organization Fundraising
Student organizations are groups that are sponsored by the district and approved by the school board. They are designed to provide opportunities for students to participate, on an individual or group basis, in school and public events for the improvement of skills. Student organizations are directed by School District staff.

1. Approval Criteria. Student organization fundraising activities are to be considered for approval based on the following criteria:
(1) the project will be safe for students,
(2) students will not be exploited for sectarian, political, or commercial purposes,
(3) the project will accomplish the goals for the fundraiser without undue risk of financial loss,
(4) the project will be consistent with the mission and goals of the school district and the student organization,
(5) the number of fundraisers run by the particular student organization and within the school and the District within the last twelve months, and
(6) the project meets all legal requirements.

2. Food Sales. The sale of foods as a fundraiser is subject to the School Wellness Policy.

3. Safety Considerations. The District does not sponsor activities involving driving vehicles unless a school employee or sponsor or a responsible adult is driving. Projects that involve door-to-door sales will not be approved for student participants.

4. Non-Approved Activities. The following activities may not be approved as fund-raising activities: raffles; lotteries; car bashes (or other comparable destructive activity); direct solicitation of money, except when done in lieu of activity participation in a fund raising activity; and, work days

5. Contracts. Teachers, coaches and sponsors are not authorized to sign contracts for the procurement of items to be sold or used in student organization fundraisers. Any contract that obligates school funds shall be submitted to the building principal for approval and execution

6. Purchases. All purchases related to student organization fundraisers are to be made in the school district name. Deliveries of fundraising items for sale shall be made to the school building, not to personal addresses. Items shall be kept in a secure place to avoid theft. Items which are overpriced or of an embarrassing or controversial nature to the school will be rejected. Items that are in direct competition with local businesses shall be avoided where practicable.

7. Money-Handling. All funds collected must be given by the fundraiser sponsor intact (i.e., cash and checks must be deposited in the same cash/check mix in which they were received) to the building principal or designee for deposit into the school district depository account no later than the next school day following receipt. Funds may not be deposited into personal accounts and may not be taken home.

8. Inventory. The fundraiser sponsor shall maintain an inventory of items related to the project. Upon completion of the project, unsold items may not be given away. The items shall be returned to the vendor for credit, sold at reduced prices in a clearance sale, or kept for sale in a future student organization fundraising event.

9. Disbursement of Fundraising Proceeds. Fundraising proceeds shall be disbursed to and used by the student organization for the purposes for which the project was initiated.

10. Records. The fundraiser sponsor shall submit all records related to the fundraising project at the conclusion of the project. The records to be maintained and submitted include: fundraiser approval, purchase order or procurement card receipt, invoices and packing slips, student checkout sheets, deposit receipts, inventory of merchandise and list of unsold merchandise, receipt for return of merchandise and records of credit or receipt for returned merchandise.

11. Student Conduct. All students who participate in approved fundraising activities are expected to represent the school, the student organization, and the community in a positive manner. All rules pertaining to student conduct and student discipline extend to student fundraising activities.

If a donation of cash or equipment is offered to a staff member for a school organization or the school district, the coach or sponsor shall refer the intended donor to the building administration. If the donor insists on giving the cash or equipment immediately, the staff member shall turn the donation over to the building principal immediately upon receipt.

Coaches or sponsors who also coach, manage or otherwise participate in club teams or similar non-school organizations must clearly separate any student organization fundraising from fundraising activities for their club team. Such individuals who receive donation offers must request that the donor be very clear as to whether the donation is intended for the student organization or the club team.

C. School Supporting Organization Fund Raising
School supporting organizations are non-school funded groups recognized by the administration, such as parent/teacher organizations, activity booster groups, etc., that provide supplementary services and support to existing school programs. Decisions on fundraising activities must have approval from the school administration and the expenditure of fundraising proceeds should involve consultation with the school administration.

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